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  • 4-inch centerset

    A lavatory faucet designed to fit a three-hole sink where the hole spacing’s are 2 inches apart from the center hole or 4 inches apart (measured from center of hot handle to center of cold handle)

  • AB1953

    The California Assembly bill which requires all plumbing fixtures that convey or dispense water for human consumption (including all kitchen, bar, and lavatory faucets) in California to be lead-free.  It defines lead-free as an average lead content of no more than 0.25% on the wetted surface areas of the product.   AB1953 took effect in California in 2010.  Today, the Safe Drinking Water Act requires all kitchen, bar, and lavatory faucets to be lead-free.

  • ADA

    Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Aerator

    A component located at the end of a faucet spout that controls flow rate.

  • Air gap

    The vertical space between a water outlet and the flood level of a fixture, such as between a faucet and sink rim.

  • Angle Stop

    Valves that are used to open/close the water supply to a plumbing fixture.

  • Anti-Scald

    A device used to prevent accidental scalding.

  • Anti-Siphon

    A device that prevents backflow of water into the plumbing system.

  • ASME

    American Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • ASSE

    American Society of Sanitary Engineering

  • Back-to-back installation

    Refers to two tub and shower valves installed on a shared wall. One valve gets installed normally with the hot supply on the left side of the valve and the cold supply on the right side. If installing a second valve on the shared wall the water supplies would be reversed, hot on the right and cold on the left. To remedy this, a valve that allows for back-to-back installation can have the stem of the cartridge rotated 180° so that the controls work the same.

  • Basket strainer/sink strainer

    A basket-shaped strainer that fits the sink drain, which allows water to run out while filtering debris such as food or other solids.

  • Bonnet nut

    A nut used to retain a control device such as a cartridge or stem.

  • Bowl (toilet)

    A water receptor that receives and dispenses liquid and solid waste.

  • Bridge Faucet

    A style of faucets that features exposed waterways above the surface.

  • Cartridge

    A component that allows for opening and closing of a water supply.

  • CC

    A copper tube connection which is joined by solder.

  • Center-to-center

    The measurement between the center of two adjacent points.

  • Centerset

    A lavatory faucet which mounts to a deck with 4 inch centers.

  • Ceramic Disk

    A faucet control component that utilizes ceramic disc technology.

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