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  • Check Valve

    A device that allows fluid to flow in one direction.

  • Closet bolts

    Bolts that are used to secure a toilet to the floor.

  • Compression Valve

    A control component that raises and lowers to control water flow.

  • Conventional Showerhead

    A perforated device that allows for water flow.

  • CSA

    Canadian Standards Association (certified to Canada)

  • CSA-US

    Canadian Standards Association (certified to US and Canada)

  • CTS

    CTS (Copper Tube Size) refers to the nominal size of rigid copper tubing.

  • cUPC

    Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code (certified to US and Canada).

  • Deck plate

    A decorative cover plate at the base of a faucet.

  • Decorative Cap

    A cap which is located underneath the handle of some single handle faucets used to cover the controls.

  • Diverter

    A device that diverts water from one path to another.

  • Drop-in sink

    A sink that is surface mounted with an exposed rim.

  • Easy-to-Clean Showerhead

    Has easy-to-clean silicone spray jets that prevent water deposits from clogging them.

  • Elongated ADA Toilet

    An elongated toilet which is ADA-compliant.

  • Elongated Toilet

    Refers to an oblong toilet shape that measures approximately two inches longer than a standard round front toilet bowl.

  • Escutcheon

    A decorative plate used to cover a fixture.

  • Fill valve

    A device designed to refill a toilet tank and bowl.

  • Finish

    The decorative top layer color or design to a fixture.

  • FIP

    Female Iron Pipe

  • Flapper

    A disc-like component located in a toilet tank that releases water to the bowl when flushed.

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