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  • Flex Hoses

    Flexible tubes used to connect plumbing fixtures to the water supply.

  • Flow rate

    Volume per time, usually expressed in gallons per minute.

  • Glazed trapway

    The toilet outlet which has a ceramic glazed counting to increase flow performance.

  • GPF

    Gallons Per Flush

  • GPM

    Gallons Per Minute

  • Hybrid Faucet

    Faucets which are comprised of two different materials.


    IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials)

  • Integral Stop

    Shut-off valves located on the hot and cold sides of a plumbing fixture that allow the water to be turned off at the point of use.

  • IPS

    IPS (Iron Pipe Size) is a threaded connection.

  • Lavatory faucet

    A faucet designed for a lavatory sink.

  • Lead-Free

    The total wetted surface area of a plumbing fixture conveying potable water containing less than 0.25% lead.

  • Less Spray

    A kitchen faucet that does not include a side spray feature.

  • Lift rod

    A faucet component that opens/closed the pop-up drain in a lavatory sink.

  • MaP Flushing Performance

    The maximum performance rating (MaP) of a toilet’s flushing efficiency measured in grams per flush.

  • Mini-Widespread

    Designed like a widespread faucet with separate spout and handles, but it fits into 3 holes that are four inches center-to-center.

  • MIP

    Male Iron Pipe

  • Multifunction Showerhead

    A showerhead that has multiple settings that change the spray pattern.

  • Nominal dimension

    Refers to accepted measurements within an established range of manufacturing tolerances, rather than exact measurements.

  • Nonpotable Water

    Water that is unsafe for human consumption.

  • NPT

    National Pipe Thread Taper is the US national standard used for threads pipes and fittings.

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