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  • NSF

    National Sanitation Foundation.

  • Open Front Seat

    A toilet seat style that leaves approximately three inches of open space in the front, mainly used in commercial settings.

  • Overflow drain

    Secondary drain that prevents or minimizes chances of overflow or spillage of water from a receptacle.

  • P-Type Pressure Balancing

    A component that balances fluctuations in water pressure to prevent scalding.

  • Pedestal lavatory

    A lavatory sink in which the basin is supported primarily by a pedestal leg.

  • PEX

    Cross-linked polyethylene.

  • Pop-Up

    A device used in lavatory sinks to open or close the drain.

  • Potable Water

    Water that is safe for human consumption.

  • Pressure Balanced

    A components that prevents scalding by automatically compensating changes in water pressure or temperature.

  • PSI

    PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)

  • Pull-Down Faucet

    Refers to a kitchen faucet with a spray head that pulls down from the faucet’s spout.

  • Pull-Out Faucet

    Refers to a kitchen faucet with a spray head that pulls out from the faucet’s spout.

  • PVD

    PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a material finishing process that vaporizes the coating material deposited on to the product in a high vacuum environment, providing a brushed nickel finish that is exceptionally strong and resistant to corrosion tarnishing, scratching, and discoloration.

  • Quarter Turn

    Refers to a handle which only rotates 90┬░.

  • Quiet-Close Toilet Seat

    A type of toilet seat which allows for the lid to close at a slow pace.

  • Riser

    A vertical assembly or tube that connects a plumbing fixture to the water supply line.

  • Roman Tub

    A tub fixture that mounts on a horizontal surface.

  • Rough-in measurement (toilet)

    Refers to the distance between a wall and the center of the waste opening.

  • Rough-in plate

    A tub & shower component used as a template for cutting precise openings, allowing for easy installation.

  • Round Toilet

    Refers to the standard round toilet bowl shape with the typical dimension of 16.5 inches long (with variable widths).

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