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  • Safe Water Drinking Act

    The Safe Drinking Water Act is a federal law the ensures the water quality of American’s drinking water.  It mandates lead-free plumbing products (for those products that convey or dispense water for human consumption).

  • Self-cleaning showerhead

    A showerhead feature that enables automatic cleaning capabilities within the unit.

  • Shower Arm

    A component that connects the showerhead to the water supply line.

  • Shower Bracket/Wall Bracket

    An adjustable bracket allowing users to pivot and rotate the position of a handheld shower.

  • Showerhead

    A component for directing the water spray in a bathroom shower.

  • Side Spray

    A kitchen faucet sprayer that mounts to the deck.

  • Single Hole Faucet

    A faucet that installs into a single fixture hole.

  • Slip Fit

    Refers to a tub spout which is designed to fit hard copper tubing. The tub spout slips over the tubing and is held in place by a set screw.

  • Snap-Connect

    A connection that allows a quick installation between hoses by pushing the female and male connections together making a “snap” sound.

  • Spout

    The component of a faucet that delivers water from the valve to the receptacle.

  • Spout Height

    The vertical measurement from the base of the faucet to the tallest point of the spout.

  • Spout Reach

    The horizontal measurement from the center of the spout to the center of the aerator.

  • Spout Tower

    A type of faucet spout that is long in height and forms a U-shape with a downward facing spout.

  • Stop/Supply Stop

    A valve which opens or closes water to a plumbing fixture.

  • Supply Line/Water Connector

    A line or tube which connects a plumbing fixture to the water supply.

  • Swivel Spout

    A spout which can be swiveled from side-to-side.

  • Tank (Toilet)

    A reservoir which holds water used for flushing a toilet.

  • Tank lever

    The handle control which allows for flushing of a toilet.

  • Temperature Limit Stop

    A component on tub and shower faucets that limit the maximum travel of the handle.

  • Three-Handle Tub and Shower Faucet

    Tub and shower faucets that feature a hot, cold and shower handle.

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