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  • Toilet-in-a-Box

    An all-inclusive toilet unit that provides the necessary components and allows for easy assembly and installation of the product.

  • Trapway

    A channel that connects the toilet bowl to the waste outlet where siphoning action occurs.

  • Tub Spout

    Faucet component that delivers water from the faucet valve to the bath.

  • Undermount Sink

    A type of sink unit that is attached to the underside of a countertop.

  • Vacuum Breaker

    Is an anti-siphon device which prevents water from backflowing through a plumbing fixture.

  • valve cavity

    The area of the valve where the control component(s) is contained.

  • Vessel Filler

    A lavatory faucet designed for use with a vessel sink.

  • Vessel Pop-Up

    A pop-up designed for use in a vessel sink.

  • Vessel Sink

    A basin or sink that that sits on top of a counter.

  • Washerless Cartridge

    A low-maintenance alternative to a regular cartridge, which is defined as a single-piece control unit that allows for the opening and closing of a water supply from the hot and/or cold water supply.

  • Waste and Overflow

    The drain assembly for a bathtub.

  • Water closet

    Another term for “toilet.”

  • Waterfall

    A faucet that uses a trough-style spout that allows the water to pour out of a channel.

  • WaterSense

    A term referring to when a faucet meets the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards that encourage reduction in water consumption. Premier WaterSense faucets have a flow rate of 1.5 GPM.

  • Wax ring

    A component located between the floor flange and the toilet as a seal to prevent leakage and fumes.

  • Wetted Surface Area

    The total surface area of a plumbing fixture which is in contact with water.

  • Widespread

    Refers to the spout and handles being separated (typically 8 inches from center to center).

  • With Spray

    A kitchen faucet that includes a side spray.

  • Wristblade Handle Faucet

    An ADA-compliant faucet style that can readily be used by physically challenged individuals and in hospital or commercial settings.

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